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Perfect Patios

There is an endless choice of garden paving products on the market. Choosing the right one is a matter of personal taste and relevance to the overall look or theme you wish to create in the garden as a whole.

There are two main types of garden paving to consider : Natural Stone or Concrete Paving.

Natural stone can be incorporated into both traditional and modern contemporary gardens. Take natural sandstone for instance, each piece has a unique blend of shades and pastel tones making your patio completely bespoke. Finished with a natural “riven” face or sawn smooth face.

Other alternatives are Granite, Slate, Quartz, Marble and Limestone for example. We offer free help and advice when choosing the right type of garden paving for your patio and a free garden design service for both small and large projects.

Key Benefits of a New Patio

Using the latest technology and expert insights within the landscaping industry, our dedicated landscape designers can offer you a range of options to enhance your property to.

  • Improve look of property
  • Add to value of home
  • Improve quality of life
  • Get more use out of your garden
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